Aeroclub Hodkovice

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Address Letiště Hodkovice, Hodkovice nad Mohelkou 46342, P.O. box 10
Phone +420 604 257 553, +420 604 233 256, english/deutsch/français at +420 608 883 030
Bank account Czech number: 2000778858/2010 (Fio Bank)
IBAN: CZ31 2010 0000 0020 0077 8858
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StatutePublic domestic aerodrome
Operational availabilityVFR day, parachute jumping operation (except basic training)
ELEV1480 ft / 451 m
Circuit2460 ft / 750 m AMSL
Call signHodkovice radio
RWY 01Magnetic direction 008°, dimensions 980 x 100 m, left circuits
RWY 19Magnetic direction 188°, dimensions 980 x 100 m, left circuits
Operational hours15 APR - 15 OCT SAT, SUN, HOL 0700 - 1400, otherwise O/R
FuelAVGAS 100, BA 95
OilAERO D 100
Hangar spaceO/R, limited
RepairsO/R, limited
AccommodationHodkovice, 20 beds at the aerodrome

1. Local traffic regulations and restrictions
1.1Snow clearance is not provided in the winter season.
1.2When approaching to RWY 19, overflight the border of AD at minimum altitude 1640 ft/500 m AMSL.
1.3After take off from RWY 01, ACFT are to turn to the left in a safety height, to avoid the town of Hodkovice nad Mohelkou. After take off from RWY 19, ACFT are to turn to the left in a safety height, to avoid overflying of Vrchovina village.
1.4The traffic circuit altitude is 2460 ft/750 m AMSL.
1.5The road near the RWY 01 THR shall be overflown during take-off and landing at minimum height 15 m from the lowest part of the aircraft or towed object.
1.6In case of parachuting activity with aircraft AN-2, second fire extinguisher (50 kg) shall be added to the emergency vehicle. This shall be ensured by the aircraft operator.
2. Additional information
3. Charges for aerodromes
3.1Landing charges
  • Per tonne of MTOW: 50,00 CZK
3.2Parking charges
  • Out of hangar: 40 CZK
  • In hangar: 90 CZK
3.3Charges for passenger service
  • NIL